County Clerk, Pope County Arkansas Revenue Codes

Revenue Codes

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10007213Excess Commission - Collector
10007220State Land Redemption
10007223Postage-Del Real Estate Collections
10007301Local Taxes-Sales Tax
10007302Local Taxes-Sales Tax Refund/Rebate
10007401Circuit Court Fines And Forfeitures
10007402District Court Fines And Forfeitures
10007407Other Fines And Forfeitures
10007501Interest Income
10007601County And Probate Clerk Fees
10007602Circuit And Chancery Clerk Fees
10007603Sheriff Fees
10007606Misc Charges And Fees
10007608Insufficient Check Fee
1000760975% Warrant Fees
10007610Coroner Fees
10007611Restitution Installment Fee Act 770/2009
10007801Jail Fees
10007802Prisoner Care Reimbursements
10007807Inmate Copays
10008101Franchise Fees
10008402Treasurer's Expense
10008502Collector's Expense
10008601Assessor's Salary & Expense
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