County Clerk, Pope County Arkansas Revenue Codes

Revenue Codes

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10008808Transfer From Treas Automation
10008812Transfer From Assessor's Amendment 79 Fd
10008814Transfer From Recorder's Cost Fund
10008816Transfer From Library
10008820Transfer From Child Support
10008828Transfer From Emergency Nine One One
10008829Transfer From E M S
10008832Transfer From Public Defender
10008846Transfer From Dist Ct Costs
10008887Transfer From Robert F Overholt PR07-142
10008902Transfer To Roads
10008903Transfer To General Reserve
10008904Transfer To Surplus Investment
10008906Transfer To CD Interest
10008907Transfer To Insurance Fund
10008911Transfer To District Court Costs Fund
10008913Transfer To County Clerk Cost Fund
10008916Transfer To Library
10008928Transfer To Emergency Nine One One
10008929Transfer To E M S
10008932Transfer To Public Defender Fund
10008943Transfer To Criminal Justice Fund
10008999Transfer To Road - Fuel Statement
10009109Interest Income Distributed
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