County Clerk, Pope County Arkansas Revenue Codes

Revenue Codes

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20007107Nonmilitary Land Mineral Lease
20007110Bureau Of Land Management-PILT
20007111In Lieu Of Tax-Housing Authority
20007117Holla Bend Refuge Revenue Sharing Act
20007120Forest Service Road Cooperative Agreemnt
20007201Local Property Taxes-Current
20007202Local Prop Taxes-Delinquent Real Estate
20007203Local Prop Taxes-Delinquent Personal
20007210State Land Sales
20007211In Lieu Of Taxes-Local Act 9
20007213Excess Commission - Collector
20007220State Land Redemption
20007302Local Taxes-Sales Tax Refund/Rebate
20008703Excess Commission - Treasurer
20008711Sale Of Equipment
20008712Sale Of Material
20008714Vending Machine Sales
20008715Workers Compensation Trust Dividend
20008718Insurance Proceeds (Casualty Claim)
20008752Auction Proceeds
20008753Sale Of Tile, Culvert And Bands
20008754Sale Of Fuel
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