County Clerk, Pope County Arkansas Revenue Codes

Revenue Codes

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10000Starting Balance-General
10007001General Revenue Turnback
10007003Property Reappraisal
10007004Property Relief Trust Funds
10007005Real Estate Transfer Tax Surplus
10007010State Grant
10007013Other State Aid
10007018Excess Unclaimed Mineral Proceeds
10007102Federal Forest Reserve
10007107Nonmilitary Land Mineral Lease
10007110Bureau Of Land Management-PILT
10007111In Lieu Of Tax-Housing Authority
10007113Reimburse Sheriff's Long Pool Patrol
10007114Bullet Proof Vest Grant
10007117Holla Bend Refuge Revenue Sharing Act
10007201Local Property Taxes-Current
10007202Local Prop Taxes-Delinquent Real Estate
10007203Local Property Taxes-Delinquent Personal
10007205Local Prop Taxes-Pen/Int Del Real Estate
10007206Local Prop Taxes-Pen/Int Del Personal
10007207Local Prop Taxes-Cost On Del Real Estate
10007208Local Prop Taxes-Cost On Del Personal
10007210State Land Sales
10007211In Lieu Of Tax-Local Act 9
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